We are educators, Ph.D.ers, developers and unicorns

Our mission at Lix is to make education affordable and accessible for students worldwide. Ultimately, we strive to place students in the driver’s seat of their learning—making everyday study tasks easier and more enjoyable. Because the core of education should be learning—not worrying about organizing, creating literature lists and Googling your way to a diploma. Be AWESOME with us and join the movement!

Meet our founder

The idea of Lix came to Camilla in 2012, following a brutal Macroeconomics exam where only hard-copy textbooks were allowed. She found herself frantically flipping through page after page, trying to find that one equation needed to answer one of many difficult questions. After the exam, she felt defeated so she headed home to eat a gallon of ice cream and wallow in her misery for a bit. Then it hit her—"why aren’t textbooks available online so students like me can find things fast?" There must be a better solution.

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Not knowing where to start, she contacted the 'Barnes and Noble' of Denmark to see if she could sell their books digitally on a monthly subscription. They laughed, saying she needed to contact the textbook publishers. With a half-hearted “good luck,” they hung up.

But Camilla believed in her idea. She dropped out of uni, moved back home and started working two jobs—saving money to get her idea off the ground. After working all day, she dedicated her nights to Lix.

Fast-forward to 2014 and her first company is founded (not Lix quite yet). Somehow, she convinced a bank to loan her €25,000 and partnered with a software development company to get the first version off the ground. But the beginning was hard—she soon realized her partner was scamming her (but it was too late—her loan was almost gone).

Her first company went bankrupt. Most people would have given up. Not her! In 2015, Camilla met co-founder, Kasper Krog, three software engineers and a design student. This is where the Lix story begins.

The Lix Team

We’re humans, not robots.

Rasmus Sund Hald
Creative Wizard
Peter Majchrák
Orla Mallon
Community Master
Nanna Inie
Video/Postdoc Nerd
Martin Smidt Kristensen
Frontend Wizard
Maria Burlacu
Data Junkie
Maria Bonnerup
Creative Captain
Lora Alexandrova
Project Maestro
Kåre Sørensen
Code Jedi
Kristy Crowley
Copy Connoisseur
Kristine Stær
Marketing Magician
Kasper Enggaard Krog
CEO Superhero
Henrik Bang
Content Acquisition Legend
Ema Gröber
UX Ninja
Constantin Gavrilete
Code Jedi
Anton Prokopovic
Research Wizard
Annesofie Walther
Brand Activation Assassin
Anders Kaels Malmos
Code Junkie
Amalie Kaysen
Executive Assistant Powerhouse

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