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Why Lix?

At Lix, we collaborate with publishers to jointly discover new ways of developing a sustainable business model to reach a fast-growing segment of students who prefer to study digitally.

All-in-one platform

Lix provides an all-in-one textbook and study app solution for students in higher education.

Multiple touchpoints

We align our message across multiple channels, offering publishers numerous access points to reach more students than ever before.

User understanding

Through state-of-the art technology, we capture and understand the behavior of students using the content on our platform. Based on this data, we continually optimize our platform to ensure the best possible study experience for each student.

In front of students

From student ambassadors to collaborations with student unions and universities, our presence is known on campuses throughout Europe.

Business strategy

As industry leaders in digital learning, we help publishers make the digital transformation—from a traditional B2B business model to a customized B2C approach—and we’re there every step of the way. 

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Lix Executive Report

In this report, we discuss how Lix collaborates with publishers to jointly discover new ways of developing sustainable business strategies to reach a fast-growing segment of students who prefer to study digitally.

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Lix’s Content Security Model

One of only two European platforms to pass stringent security audits year after year, the Lix Content Security Model consists of multiple layers of protection against digital theft in order to deliver a state of the art digital rights management solution. This whitepaper gives a brief introduction on each security layer and the procedure from initial content retrieval to end-user content delivery, demonstrating why Lix is the preferred security platform among publishers worldwide.


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